CERM/CIRMMP is a world-class research infrastructure for NMR in the Life Sciences

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NMR is the core technology of CERM, but year by year CERM research has been oriented more and more toward new applications and toward the integration with other techniques. The present research at CERM/CIRMMP is spanning a wide range of applications, from the structural biology to the bioinformatics methods and Information Technology, from paramagnetic NMR methods to the development of new contrast agents for MRI, from the metabolomics and biomedicine to the development of new solid-state NMR methods for the characterisation of material surfaces and biomaterials.

The interdisciplinary character of CERM/CIRMMP research projects, combined with the excellence of its instrumentation, constitutes a point of reference for the scientific community and for the cultural growth in the country, as demonstrated by the significant usage of the infrastructure by national scientists.