A list of future conferences in 2023 that may be of interest







early bird regular late
GIDRM 19-20 April, Turin   31st March    
Chemical Biology 2022 5 May, London 27th March 17th April    
GERMN summer school 19-23 June, Jaca (Spain)   30th April    
XXV Scuola Nazionale di Risonanza Magnetica Nucleare 3-7 July, Turin    15th June     
47th FEBS 2023 8-12 July, Tours (France) 9th March 8th June    
EUROMAR 2023  9-13 July, Glasgow    30th April 30th June  
ISMAR 2023 20-25 August, Brisbane (Australia)   5th May    
XXIX CONGRESSO SCI 2023 - Inorganic Chemistry 12-15 September, Perugia    14th July after 14th July  
EMBO course: Integrative modelling of protein interactions  17-22 September, Izmir (Turkey)        
DCSB-2023 27-29 September 15th June 30th June  31st August  
AMYC-BIOMED 2023 16-18 October, Florence 15th April 1st June    
EMBO workshop: Computational structural biology 6-9 December, Heidelberg (Germany) 25th October 13th September