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Simone Ciofi Baffoni has a cutting-edge expertise in NMR solution structure determination of proteins and protein complexes and in NMR observables used to define uniquely the position of a metal ion/cofactor in a protein structure. He is now actively involved in Instruct-ERIC, a pan-European research infrastructure in structural biology.
Research activities of Simone Ciofi Baffoni are focused on i) the cellular mechanisms controlling the intracellular concentration and distribution of copper ions and the related human diseases, ii) the oxidative protein folding mechanisms required for the import and assembly of mitochondrial intermembrane space proteins, and iii) the cellular mechanisms responsible of the Fe/S protein biogenesis in humans and the related human diseases. These studies involved the investigation of metal(cofactor)-protein interactions, protein-protein interactions, and structural characterization of protein-protein adducts, through the application of an integrated structural biology approach that exploits a vast number of spectroscopic, biophysical and biochemical techniques. The main results of his research activities on the above research lines have been published on Nature, Nat. Chem. Biol., Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol., PNAS, JACS, and Elife (see list of publications).
Simone Ciofi Baffoni has co-authored 79 publications in peer-reviewed international journals with a fundamental contribution to the majority of them (alphabetical order is used in the majority of these publications), and is author of two book chapters describing metal-mediated interactions and iron-sulfur protein biogenesis. h-index of Simone Ciofi Baffoni is 38.

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Structural biology, NMR spectroscopy, Copper trafficking and homeostasis, Iron-sulfur protein biogenesis, Mitochondrial protein import.



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