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Letizia Barbieri was born in 1985. She graduated in Chemistry in 2010 at the University of Florence under the guidance of professor Ivano Bertini. She obtained the International PhD in “Mechanistic and Structural Systems Biology” under the guidance of professor Lucia Banci in 2014 at the University of Florence. Currently she is Research Assistant at the Interuniversity Consortium for Magnetic Resonance of Metallo Proteins (CIRMMP, University of Florence, Italy).
Letizia Barbieri is skilled in “in-cell NMR”. She has developed a protocol to achieve high expression levels of proteins in human cells HEK293T by transient DNA transfection in order to characterize biological molecules, their interactions and their functional processes in their native environment, at atomic resolution. Recently, she is involved in the development of NMR bioreactors to allow longer NMR experiments. She is also skilled in preparing proteins to be studied by NMR-based structural biology and by protein-drug interactions.
She has currently published 17 papers in peer-reviewed international journals.



In-cell NMR; Structural Biology; Protein-Protein interaction; Drug screening; NMR bioreactor.



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