Instruct-ITALIA supports access to its facilities to national academic users, with the goal of stimulating an integrative approach to structural biology. Users wishing to reinforce or integrate their research project with specific (preliminary) studies can request access here:

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Scientists of the Instruct-ITALIA network are available for preliminary advice on the best access route for a research project. Users wishing to apply for access to Instruct-ITALIA may also contact the requested platform using the contact form available here.

Instruct-ERIC offers access to structural biology instrumentation and expertise at Centres distributed in 9 European Countries. Instruct-ERIC provides access to top-notch structural biology instrumentation and expertise at the highest possible level in a wide range of technologies.

Submit your proposal to Instruct-ERIC at any time (not limited to transnational access)

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Applications are approved on the basis of scientific merit and technical feasibility


Users interested to access for proprietary research can address their request directly to the scientific contact of the Instruct-ITALIA platform/technology of interest or check Instruct-ERIC services opportunities here